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December 1, 2016



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JEX is a very fast match-3-game.
The player combines hexagonal cards to reach a value of 21.
Yes, it's like Blackjack.

You have to be smart and you have to be fast.
Discover a new way of playing Blackjack!


Creating JEX was a big learning experience. Never before did I try to tackle a game on a professional level. It was a big adventure. But this adventure was also full of tripwires and missteps.

Early stage

In the beginning I thought JEX would be a small project. A simple match-3-game just to teach myself how to create games.
I taught myself how to use Blender, I learned how to use a game engine, I polished my skills in using C++.
After 6 months the JEX was playable and ready. Or that's what I thought...


I showed JEX to some friends – and was in for big surprise.
Nobody did grasp how to play the game.
I had been playing JEX all the time, I couldn't imagine anybody having trouble with such a simple concept. But it wasn't just about the concept.
The upgrade system was very confusing. There were 19 ways to upgrade different aspects of the game. Usability was a mess. There wasn't any tutorial.
JEX had become a much more complicated game than I had imagined.
At that time I was exhausted. I didn't want to continue this project. I just wanted JEX to be published and gone.

Teaming up!

Enter Marco Feßler and Gamepie.
Marco, who played JEX for a while, started to redo the level design. He created a lot of new levels, so the learning curve became more appropiate for unexperienced players. He also created all the beautiful color schemes and backgrounds for every level. When I saw what he had done with the tools I created, I found back to my confidence in the project. JEX came back to life.
Gamepie, a french company specialized in consulting self-publishing indie developer, found me on twitter. They provided me with much needed feedback about the usability and worked hard to convince me I had to rework and simplify most parts of the game. This guided me safely towards the finishing line.

Re-doing everything

I ended up redoing everything several times. I told myself: If this is a learning experience, I should be learning how to do it the right way.
I got rid of the old user interface, created a new one, tested it, got rid of it again. I created an in-game tutorial. I added hints. I changed and simplified the game mechanics. I introduced new concepts (flower strike, flower storm, heaven) to ease the gaming experience. I reduced drastically the upgrades possibilities.
Together we tested and tested and tested - streamlining everything as much as possible.
One year later, we finally had a finished product.


  • 112 beautifully handcrafted levels
  • atmospheric background music
  • 5 extra card types, 2 special game modes, 4 power combos
  • be quick to reach heaven
  • use jokers, flower storms, flower strikes and SaveMe


Preview YouTube

Teaser YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (16MB)

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JEX gameplay
All game mechanics and secrets: mausmausgames.com/jex-gameplay.html.

Hints & Tricks
Learn how to become a master in playing JEX: mausmausgames.com/jex-hints.html.

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JEX Credits

Ogma Benedikt Hücker
Business, Artist, Game Design & Development

Marco Feßler
Artist, Level Design

Julia Brockmann

Marketing & Consultancy

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