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JEX is quite easy to learn, but it's hard to master. On this page I'll try to accumulate some useful hints and strategies that might help you to beat the game.

Got your own strategies? Let me know! I might add them. Have a look at the contact page for ways to contact me.

submitted by Ogma Benedikt Hücker

TIME MACHINE is a very helpful move.

Always look out for 6-7-8.
And upgrade TIME MACHINE as soon as possible.

submitted by Marco Feßler

HEAVEN is the most important upgrade!

HEAVEN is even more important than TIME MACHINE.
Upgrade HEAVEN first and thank me later!

submitted by Ogma Benedikt Hücker

Don't give REGEN CARDS time to regenerate.

Focus on one area at a time and try the get the REGEN cards to gold before moving on.
That's far more efficient than trying to take on all REGEN cards at the same time.

submitted by Ogma Benedikt Hücker

FLOWER STORM and FLOWER STRIKE are versatile and powerful.

They progress STONE and STEEL.
They pop ICE and they can trigger SAVEME cards.

submitted by Ogma Benedikt Hücker


Even though REVOLUTION MOVES are quite powerful (especially in the later worlds), they are quite hard to find.
So most of the time you will be better off looking for the EASY COMBINATIONS, pushing for HEAVEN and FLOWER-STORMING/STRIKING the sh*t out of those nasty hexagons.