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JEX is a combination game. You're presented a grid of up to 31 hexagonal cards in different colors. Your goal is to turn all cards until they become golden. But you have to be quick since time is always ticking...

There are two different kinds of combinations:


In order to trigger a MATCH COMBINATION you have to combine three or more adjacent cards with matching card symbols.

Think of it as something like Bejeweled or Candy Crush. The cards used in this combination will then turn and change their color, progressing more and more to becoming golden.

There is one exception from the "three or more"-rule:
After you activated the SPECIAL MOVE called LIGHTNING (see below), you can also combine only TWO ACES in order to trigger lightnings.

This is a nod to a French/German variation of blackjack called "Vingt-et-un" or "Siebzehn und Vier" in which two aces count as a blackjack too.


Sometimes you won't find MATCH COMBINATIONS.

Don't worry. There is another way! Combine adjacent cards so that they sum up to a value of 21.

Picture cards (J, Q, K) are always worth 10.
Aces (A) can be worth 1 or 11.

Fun fact

There are 810 possible ways to reach 21 (695 if you don't distinguish between the different picture cards).

But in fact you just have to memorize FOUR BASIC COMBINATIONS to get a good head start. These basic combinations contain one picture card and two number cards adding up to 11.

  • K - 9 - 2
  • K - 8 - 3
  • K - 7 - 4
  • K - 6 - 5

(Of course the picture card doesn't have to be a KING, it could be a QUEEN or a JACK too...)

With these BASIC BLACK JACK COMBINATIONS you'll go a long way towards becoming a great JEX player!


Each level has a predetermined TIME LIMIT. Have a look at the big timer bar at the top to see, how much time has already elapsed.

Good to know

Do you see the tiny white STAR INDICATORS above the timer bar? They indicate when the next STAR (see below) will break. Win the level before the timer bar reaches these indicators to earn all five STARS.

When the time is up, you're entering the DANGER ZONE. The timer bar turns red, a clock starts ticking... it's very ominous and very, very dangerous! Now you have to act quickly, since you'll lose the game when the red timer bar runs dry.

But there is hope! For once you can use earned stars to activate and upgrade the special move TIME MACHINE. With TIME MACHINE you can turn back time (see below for more details).

And then there's the SAVEME too.

The SAVEME can reset the timer all back to the start. While you're in the danger zone, a hexagon card will occasionally start to glow and burn like a sun. That's a SAVEME CARD! Use that card in a combination while it's burning to trigger the SAVEME. Once you used a SAVEME, the SAVEME CARD won't reappear until you restart the level.

Sad news

Even though TIME MACHINE and SAVEME are great for buying you time, you can't play on for eternity. Eventually the timer will get faster and faster. And unless you've got superhuman perception and reflexes it will battle you down in the end.


There are several ways to earn STARS in the game. Each time you win a level, you'll get up to 5 STARS dependent on how fast you can win.
You can win these stars only once per level, but you can repeat each level as often as you like until you get all 5 stars.

Later in game there are JOKER CARDS. Jokers are super-useful. Not only can they take every value from 1 to 11, there is also a one-in-four chance of winning a BONUS STAR when using a joker card.

But the most efficient way to earn stars is to play HELL or DREAMLAND (see below for more information).

How to earn stars – all secrets revealed!

in normal levels (before using a SAVEME):

RewardBeat the level before this point
3 STARSentering the DANGER ZONE
2 STARS50% through the DANGER ZONE
1 STARbeat the level at all

after using a SAVEME:

RewardBeat the level before this point
1 STARentering the DANGER ZONE

in HELL (see below):

RewardFreeze HELL
14 STARSat first try
8 STARSat second try
4 STARSat third try

in DREAMLAND (see below):
In DREAMLAND you earn STARS (instead of getting FLOWER STORMS) by filling the SCORE BAR. In theory you could earn UNLIMITED STARS this way.
But the SCORE BAR drains if you stay inactive for too long. So you might lose your STARS again if you don't pay attention.

In addition JOKER CARDS will spawn more frequently than in normal levels (chance is multiplied by the factor 1.5). And on top of that it's sufficient to combine only three cards in a combination to activate the chance for a JOKER CARD. And as you can see below using a JOKER CARD gives you a 25% chance of winning a BONUS STAR.

So if you're a fast player and upgrade HEAVEN and JOKERS a lot, DREAMLAND is by far the best way to earn STARS.


Sometimes there just isn't any possible move. This is indicated by shaking cards.
Don't worry! You can always use FLOWER STORMS and FLOWER STRIKES.
Just drag them from the bottom left corner onto a card and watch what happens.

Each time you fill your SCORE BAR at the upper left corner, you earn a FLOWER STORM (orange). This makes the score quite important, because FLOWER STORMS are very powerful. You should try to get as much as possible in each level and use them immediately!

When you finish a level all unused FLOWER STORMS are lost. So there is no use in hoarding them.

Useful hint:

Each time you go to HEAVEN (see below) and come back, your score multiplier is increased. This way filling the SCORE BAR is getting much easier.
Go to HEAVEN as much as possible to maximize your FLOWER STORM production.

Then there are FLOWER STRIKES (cyan) which you can buy with the STARS you earned.
You never lose FLOWER STRIKES at the end of a level. You can keep them until you want to use them.
You should always keep a FLOWER STRIKE or two in reserve in case things get messy.

Good to know

Even though FLOWER STORM and FLOWER STRIKE seem to work quite similarly, there is actually a quite important difference.

The effect of the orange FLOWER STORM depends on the level you're playing. Each level has a MAX STEPS property. Cards can't get further away from gold than this value. For example REGEN CARDS (see below) won't go back before this point.
The center card (the one you dropped the flower storm on) will be progressed one quarter of MAX STEPS. The ring around it will be progress one eighth and the second ring will be progressed one sixteenth.
Later levels have higher MAX STEPS, so FLOWER STORMS are becoming more powerful in more difficult levels.

The effect of the cyan FLOWER STRIKE on the cards is always five steps. The center card (the one you dropped the flower strike on) is hit twice. Hence it's progressed ten steps towards gold.
Even though FLOWER STRIKES do not become more powerful, they are quite cheap. If you encounter a level you can't beat, it's a working strategy to get a lot of stars by going to HELL and DREAMLAND and using JOKER CARDS, change those stars to FLOWER STRIKES and flowerstrike that level into oblivion.


Use STARS to unlock UPGRADES. There are four SPECIAL MOVES and two GENERAL UPGRADES.



The more you level up an UPGRADE, the bigger the effect of that UPGRADE will become.


Every fifth upgrade level is a bit more special than the other upgrade levels. Either the price isn't increased as much as with the other upgrade levels or the effect takes a bigger jump there.

It might be a good strategy to level an UPGRADE you like to a multiple of 5 (5/10/15/20) before concentrate on other UPGRADES again. Just saying...

For more details have a look at the upgrade tables below.


Combine 6-7-8 to turn back time.

Try to get back to the start to earn a FLOWER STORM.

Good to know:

15 seconds11 stars
26 seconds13 stars
37 seconds15 stars
48 seconds17 stars
510 seconds18 stars
611 seconds20 stars
712 seconds22 stars
813 seconds24 stars
914 seconds26 stars
1016 seconds27 stars
1117 seconds29 stars
1218 seconds31 stars
1319 seconds33 stars
1420 seconds35 stars
1522 seconds36 stars
1623 seconds38 stars
1724 seconds40 stars
1825 seconds42 stars
1926 seconds44 stars
2030 seconds45 stars


Match two or more aces to create LIGHTNING.

LIGHTNING looks for cards that are most behind and progresses them without changing their values.

The more aces you combine the more cards are struck by LIGHTNING.

Good to know:

12 cards / 1 step12 stars
23 cards / 1 step13 stars
34 cards / 1 step14 stars
45 cards / 1 step15 stars
55 cards / 2 steps16 stars
66 cards / 2 steps17 stars
77 cards / 2 steps18 stars
88 cards / 2 steps19 stars
99 cards / 2 steps20 stars
109 cards / 3 steps21 stars
1110 cards / 3 steps22 stars
1211 cards / 3 steps23 stars
1312 cards / 3 steps24 stars
1410 cards / 4 steps25 stars
1510 cards / 5 steps26 stars
1611 cards / 5 steps27 stars
1710 cards / 6 steps28 stars
1810 cards / 7 steps29 stars
1910 cards / 8 steps30 stars
2012 cards / 10 steps33 stars


Match three or more number cards to create EXPLOSIONS.

Number cards are the cards from 2 to 9.

EXPLOSIONS turn cards that are most behind. This will change their values too.

The more cards you combine the more EXPLOSIONS will occur.

Good to know:

12 cards / 1 step12 stars
23 cards / 1 step13 stars
34 cards / 1 step14 stars
45 cards / 1 step15 stars
55 cards / 2 steps16 stars
66 cards / 2 steps17 stars
77 cards / 2 steps18 stars
88 cards / 2 steps19 stars
99 cards / 2 steps20 stars
109 cards / 3 steps21 stars
1110 cards / 3 steps22 stars
1211 cards / 3 steps23 stars
1312 cards / 3 steps24 stars
1413 cards / 3 steps25 stars
1512 cards / 4 steps26 stars
1613 cards / 4 steps27 stars
1714 cards / 4 steps28 stars
1812 cards / 5 steps29 stars
1912 cards / 6 steps30 stars
2014 cards / 8 steps33 stars


Reach 21 with small number cards (2 to 6) to start a REVOLUTION.

5-5-5-6 or 4-5-6-6


The earlier you're starting a REVOLUTION in a level the more it will progress the cards it's hitting.

If you manage to banish all ROYAL CARDS through REVOLUTION, you'll earn a FLOWER STRIKE.

Good to know:

12 cards / 10%12 stars
23 cards / 11%13 stars
34 cards / 12%14 stars
45 cards / 13%15 stars
55 cards / 19%16 stars
65 cards / 21%17 stars
75 cards / 23%18 stars
85 cards / 25%19 stars
95 cards / 27%20 stars
106 cards / 27%21 stars
116 cards / 29%22 stars
126 cards / 31%23 stars
136 cards / 33%24 stars
146 cards / 35%25 stars
157 cards / 36%26 stars
167 cards / 37%27 stars
177 cards / 38%28 stars
187 cards / 39%29 stars
197 cards / 40%30 stars
2010 cards / 40%33 stars


You can reach HEAVEN by filling up the progress bar on the right.

But the progress bar will always drain. So you have to be quick.

In HEAVEN you can turn cards by just touching them. Use more than one finger to be more effective.

Good to know:

LevelDurationEffect of touchPrice
04.0 seconds1 step--
14.1 seconds1 step14 stars
24.2 seconds1 step16 stars
34.3 seconds1 step18 stars
44.4 seconds1 step20 stars
54.5 seconds2 steps21 stars
64.6 seconds2 steps23 stars
74.7 seconds2 steps25 stars
84.8 seconds2 steps27 stars
94.9 seconds2 steps29 stars
105.0 seconds3 steps30 stars
115.1 seconds3 steps32 stars
125.2 seconds3 steps34 stars
135.3 seconds3 steps36 stars
145.4 seconds3 steps38 stars
155.5 seconds4 steps39 stars
165.6 seconds4 steps41 stars
175.7 seconds4 steps43 stars
185.8 seconds4 steps45 stars
195.9 seconds4 steps47 stars
206.0 seconds5 steps48 stars


If you combine more than three cards there is a chance to create JOKER CARDS.

JOKER CARDS can take any value from 1 to 11.

When using a JOKER CARD there is a 25% chance of earning a BONUS STAR.

Good to know:

12%12 stars
23%14 stars
34%16 stars
45%18 stars
56%20 stars
67%22 stars
78%24 stars
89%26 stars
910%28 stars
1011%30 stars
1112%32 stars
1213%34 stars
1314%36 stars
1415%38 stars
1516%40 stars
1617%42 stars
1718%44 stars
1819%46 stars
1920%48 stars
2021%50 stars

Work in progress... to be continued.

Topics in the making:

Special cards

Special game modes