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Hi, I'm Ogma, founder and only member of the Indie-Mobile-Games-Developer-Team MAUSMAUSgames.

At the moment I'm working on JEX. JEX is a simple match-3-game for android and iOS devices.
Recently I started working on two more projects: a space shooter and an endless runner. More about that later...

In the past I failed at a variety of jobs: acting, directing, writing, web design.
I worked at a casting office, as a sales clerk, a newspaper deliverer, a database programmer and an acting coach.

But all the time I've been coding games - mostly for fun.
Starting with a very simple version of hangman, written in BASIC with my pocket calculator in 1992.

Hope, you like my work. Have fun.


Ogma Benedikt Hücker
Paulsenstr. 27
12163 Berlin


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